RK centrum
Address: Městský park 274, 537 01 Chrudim IV, Czech Republic
E –mail:

Gabriela Pavlíková
regional manager, CCI
mobil: 00420 774 452 077

Kateřina Martínková
FGC coordinator
mobil: 00420 604 355 140

Zlata Brůžková
FGC coordinator
mobil: 00420 775 002 458


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Sharing Best Practice, has focused on Family Group Conferences, join us at 5th Methodological Meeting on Thursday 21 March in Prague!

Our New Team has 12 new independent coordinators!

We are very pleased to participate in European FGC Network meeting 2018 in Edinburgh. This event was held on 4th and 5th October and opened on 3rd October at the City Chambers with a drink reception. We shared knowledge, experiences, research of FGC with our colleagues from Europe.